The Pen Friends' Flying Adventures

I met Ryan a long time ago when I lived in Vermont and he was in high school building an airplane in his basement.  Over the course of a winter many years later we became pen pals.  He’d moved to Seattle, got a new airplane, and asked if I wanted to come visit and go on a flying adventure.  (Or maybe I invited myself, I can’t remember!)  I was ecstatic: flying! in a little plane with a front-seat view!  I packed my cameras and off I went.  Wanting to give Ryan something special by which to remember our time together, I taught myself bookbinding and created a handmade storybook about our adventures.  

What you are reading is a gift I made for my friend. I’ve come to realize that, for a public audience, it is a first draft. It started out only as a book of photographs, but then a story began to percolate --  a memoir told as a fairy tale of sorts -- and I just wrote the words wherever they would fit on the pages.  Consequently, text and images don’t always match up.  The photographs don’t necessarily illustrate the text on the page, etc, etc.

It’s taken some time to decide how I want to bring the story to an audience, and I am currently working on a new edit as well as a framed exhibit.  Read more about the project here.

** FOR SALE WHILE THEY LAST! . . . The first edition 5x7 paperback "zine" version of the book. Signed and numbered, $16 plus a bit of shipping.