Stargazing adventures, #5

On the first morning of summer, Tony called down to me from the observatory roof: "Hey!" he said.  "How was your night?"  I thought for a minute and my eyes welled up with tears at the same time I was grinning from ear to ear.  "You know how you have these moments in your life?"  I said.  "... This handful of unbelievable experiences you know you'll remember forever?  And best of all, you're lucky enough to recognize them even as they're happening?!" He smiled back at me.  

That was my time on the mountain.  And it felt like this: 

Albert Einstein's bookplate, by Eric Büttner, 1917. 

Albert Einstein's bookplate, by Eric Büttner, 1917. 


It started with a little drawing Don made to illustrate our place on the earth that night... 


...which would later inspire my favorite photograph.


Don told me he was on an airplane once working on his laptop when the lady next to him asked why he was an astronomer.  "What's the point?" she said.  And I think about that.  Sometimes the point is just to look.  To watch.  To be curious.  To find out.  To maybe come to understand even a little bit, and to be awed by everything we don't.


How do I even begin to say thank you for this amazing gift of time in night-magic-land?  Words fall so short.