Wales... the Brecon Beacon Mountains.

Well, mostly (see note at the end). The first six are from the hike up Pen-y-Fan in BRECON BEACONS NATIONAL PARK. Found out that, okay, I may be skinny but I sure am out of shape! I suppose it didn't help that all I brought along for sustenance was 12 ounces of water and a package of chocolate chip shortbread cookies.

I've always wanted to see a landscape like this - huge spaces and not a single tree. Definitely a dream come true. And then all the enchanted little fairy-landscapes on the way back down the other side. Springs bubbling out of the ground in magic forests... moss as soft as blankets...I wish I could have spent the night.


Because they fit so well with the other images, I chose to add the last two photographs to this entry even though they weren't from this hike. The last image is of the NEWPORT WETLANDS and the Severn River estuary. Before that, my rainy-day walk through fields in the town of Hay-on-Wye. Check back again in a few days - I still have more photos to share.