March Instagram Roundup

Sometimes the random iPhone photos I post on Instagram don't make it into a proper blog post, so I thought I'd share a few in a roundup.  Here goes...

Sherman exploring the tub. (Don't you just wanna yank on that tail??)

 Orange cat on a bathtub

Got a first taste of spring early in the month while tagging along with John on a trip to Newport News. I love it when the trees turn white and the air smells blossomy-sweet.

 Flowering trees

Got another little fix while pit-stopping at A Proper Garden in Powell on my way back from an appointment.

 Flowering plant

Last year I bought a bunch of this 60's print linen in the clearance section of JoAnne's (score!) and decided to use some of it to make some freelance-at-home loungewear.  I found this great crochet trim at Sew to Speak.  I think it really adds a nice finishing touch to my cropped pants! 

 60's floral print fabric

I signed up for a dress fitting class at Sew to Speak and I got lucky: I'm the only student!  I have instructor Gail Kelley all to myself!  Hopefully I'll be able to show you my finished dress next week. (thanks for the photo, Sew to Speak!)

 Learning how to alter a dress pattern

It's the 20th anniversary of Phoenix Rising Printmaking Coop, and I attended their annual board meeting/party earlier this month.  The flowers in the windowsill caught my eye! Columbus is sooo lucky to have Phoenix, and I can't wait: I signed up for a class this summer that will teach me how to print my own books on the Vandercook letterpress (squeeeee!)

 Bouquet of flowers in windowsill

Another adventure with John, this time tagging along on his overnight in Syracuse NY. It was snowing like crazy, which I loved.  We spent most of the day holed up in this cafe that had great tea and AMAZINGly delicious sandwiches. Hopefully there is a next time, because we want to explore the Museum of Intrigue.

One of my 48 house projects (I am a third of the way through this 2018 goal!!) involved finding a spot for my old friends.  I didn't want them to spend the rest of their lives in boxes.  They now hang out on a shelf in my studio where we can say hello every day.

 Stuffed animals on my shelf

When I was in the hospital recovering from my appendectomy, I made many laps around the halls on my floor. This sign was tacked to a bulletin board and I thought it was the perfect way to illustrate the difference.  I'd never really thought about it before. I guess the trouble starts if the tall kid feels cheated for not getting any boxes.

 Equity / Equality

Spring inside! The tomatoes are doing well.

 Tomato seedlings

My little old girl.  She'll be 18 this fall.

 Brown tabby cat

I cannot resist the pansies when they first show up at the garden centers! 

 Bright magenta pansies

I realize there are a lot of plant photos in this post, but I think I'm finally ready for spring, and I'm so glad it's on its way. Even all the rain hasn't been bothering me... I know sunny days and short sleeves are around the corner. Happy Friday, everyone!

It's March?

So it is!  Sorry I've been out of the loop.  A bit about what's been going on lately...

 Glacier Ridge Metro Park

February brought some snowfalls I loved, and I finally got to do some cross-country skiing!  Unfortunately my boot came apart mid-trip, and I wound up up having to walk back. It's okay, I was out in the snow, which made me happy.

 My cross-country skis
 Glacier Ridge Metro Park

I sang again for St. Francis of Assisi's pasta dinner fundraiser, this time with guitar instead of piano (thanks, Colin!). I'm beginning to think I like singing with guitar better than piano.  A BIG thank you to everyone who came out that day, including my amazingly supportive neighbors!

 My neighbors

I was so happy, the Pope got a big smooch.

 The Pope gets a kiss

Early in the month, John officially became a Delta MD88 captain, and I tagged along on his first trip.

 Captain John

I also had MY first flying lesson of 2018. I flew us to lunch at the Urbana airport.

 Aeronca Champ

My tomato seeds came and now I can get them started. My favorite gardening author, Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl, offers her own garden's seeds for sale on Etsy, and I just love knowing my tomatoes literally got their start in HER garden.

 Tomato seeds from You Grow Girl

I started some sewing projects. Since I freelance from home, it's easy to spend waaayyy too much time in my pajamas. Yes I could change into work outfits, but I like my pjs!  So I thought maybe if I sewed up some pajama-esque, work-y loungewear, maybe I would feel less slovenly yet still enjoy one of the huge perks of working from home.  I found this 60's linen print in the clearance section at JoAnne's and think it will make the perfect home-office twinset: cropped flared pants and a halter swing top.  Will model it for you when finished!

 1960's linen print fabric

Yes it's still Christmas in our house.  Yes it's a real tree.  Yes it's crispier than crackers.  No we do not leave the lights on when we leave. But we love the lights so much and it still smells so wonderful. Until I move to a forest of pine trees, the tree stays up until... well... last year it was late April.  The year before it was June...

 Christmas tree

Finished a few books and am starting All the Light We Cannot See. I didn't know if I'd like this one or not, because I sometimes have a tough time getting through stories set in other time periods, particularly war settings, but I just love this one so far. 


I had my appendix taken out. It was my very first time staying in a hospital or having any kind of surgery, so I didn't know what to expect. Of all the hospital first-times one could experience, I'm glad it was an appendectomy and not something worse.  Still, it felt weird to sign the "you might not wake up again" waiver and say goodbye to someone I love. Needless to say, I was very happy to wake up. And tomato soup never tasted so good.

 Hospital gown and tomato soup

I'm still on the mend from surgery, but everything's going well, and the sunny warm weather last week, while a bit disconcerting for all the obvious reasons, made me happy. I've been enjoying some sofa time too (with kitties), which feels like a luxury.

 Cat on a couch

It's also given me some time to start Italian lessons on Duolingo...

 Duolingo Italian

Anything new with you? Lemme know!  As always, thanks for reading... Cheers!