Coming soon.

Boy or girl? Kate and David didn't want to know right away... instead, they had the ultrasound results sealed in an envelope and waited until Thanksgiving to open it up. "David had to hide it from me," Kate said. "I was looking all over the house for that thing!" With family gathered around them last Thursday they read the news: a boy. Cheers and congratulations to Kate and David! Little James McGuigan - Mick for short - is due in April.


Christmas by the spoonful.

Shame on me. I didn't know that right here on Long Street is a fabulous old-skool record shop - SPOONFUL RECORDS - complete with a checkerboard floor, pinball machines, and a penny gumball dispenser (A penny! Now that's retro). Elaine and Mike (who's a regular at Spoonful), and their little girl, Darla, decided to grab their old Christmas records for a portrait session at the store. What fun! How many kids know what vinyl is? ... now THAT's great parenting!


The swing of things.

I remember my tree swing when I was growing up. Always wondering if I could pull leaves off the branches with my feet. Then realizing how high I actually was when doing that. Listening to the creak of the rope... bits of it coming off in my hand from holding on so tight. So much better than the plastic seats and metal chains at the school playground.

It was so wonderful to catch up with Sarah and Jeff again (a few of their wedding photos are still on my website even now). Adam's growing up and little Jonie is still new to the world. And there, in the corner of their backyard... the perfect tree for a perfect swing.


An evening on the Manitou.

While in Traverse City, we spent the night on the wooden deck of this beautiful schooner, the Tall Ship Manitou. After an evening sail, who wants to sleep below when the stars are still out in all their glory? Covered with dew in the morning, we were treated to hot cocoa and a delicious breakfast in the galley with Captain Dave and the crew. Thank you for a wonderful experience, TRAVERSE TALL SHIP COMPANY! I so hope to go back for one of their weekend astronomy cruises.