Photo safari.

The best part of my Vermont photo safari was getting together with my friend and fellow photographer, JAMIE BRASSARD. I've always admired her discipline in completing a "40 days of fall" project every year (I can't seem to bring myself to commit to any sort of "photo a day" project whatsoever!). While visiting her in Vermont, we spent a morning driving the back roads around Hinesburg, stopping at Mt. Philo to enjoy the view and parking in whatever side-of-the-road weed patches we could find when we found an inspiring landscape.



When I lived in Vermont I felt like a tourist every time I stopped the car to take a picture. And since I passed the same scenes all the time I thought, "Oh I can always take it that shot tomorrow." Consequently the list of my "untaken" Vermont photographs is long. Ridiculous, right? So when I visited back in August I made a point of stopping even if I had to turn my car around. The images feel old to me because I wanted to photograph them as far back as 1990. Why do I love Vermont so much? Because all those scenes still exist. Dirt roads I know like the back of my hand, old farm buildings, even favorite trees. It was a great road trip. More to come.


Back in Bristol.

Don't you miss hanging out in the street? I grew up in a neighborhood where every kid would come out after school. Kickball games, bicycle races - you name it. What happens to that kind of fun when you "grow up"? This summer, back in Vermont, I loved hanging out with my best friend's kids and everyone else from their neighborhood (Ben couldn't get me off his Batman Big Wheel).