March Instagram Roundup

Sometimes the random iPhone photos I post on Instagram don't make it into a proper blog post, so I thought I'd share a few in a roundup.  Here goes...

Sherman exploring the tub. (Don't you just wanna yank on that tail??)

Orange cat on a bathtub

Got a first taste of spring early in the month while tagging along with John on a trip to Newport News. I love it when the trees turn white and the air smells blossomy-sweet.

Flowering trees

Got another little fix while pit-stopping at A Proper Garden in Powell on my way back from an appointment.

Flowering plant

Last year I bought a bunch of this 60's print linen in the clearance section of JoAnne's (score!) and decided to use some of it to make some freelance-at-home loungewear.  I found this great crochet trim at Sew to Speak.  I think it really adds a nice finishing touch to my cropped pants! 

60's floral print fabric

I signed up for a dress fitting class at Sew to Speak and I got lucky: I'm the only student!  I have instructor Gail Kelley all to myself!  Hopefully I'll be able to show you my finished dress next week. (thanks for the photo, Sew to Speak!)

Learning how to alter a dress pattern

It's the 20th anniversary of Phoenix Rising Printmaking Coop, and I attended their annual board meeting/party earlier this month.  The flowers in the windowsill caught my eye! Columbus is sooo lucky to have Phoenix, and I can't wait: I signed up for a class this summer that will teach me how to print my own books on the Vandercook letterpress (squeeeee!)

Bouquet of flowers in windowsill

Another adventure with John, this time tagging along on his overnight in Syracuse NY. It was snowing like crazy, which I loved.  We spent most of the day holed up in this cafe that had great tea and AMAZINGly delicious sandwiches. Hopefully there is a next time, because we want to explore the Museum of Intrigue.

One of my 48 house projects (I am a third of the way through this 2018 goal!!) involved finding a spot for my old friends.  I didn't want them to spend the rest of their lives in boxes.  They now hang out on a shelf in my studio where we can say hello every day.

Stuffed animals on my shelf

When I was in the hospital recovering from my appendectomy, I made many laps around the halls on my floor. This sign was tacked to a bulletin board and I thought it was the perfect way to illustrate the difference.  I'd never really thought about it before. I guess the trouble starts if the tall kid feels cheated for not getting any boxes.

Equity / Equality

Spring inside! The tomatoes are doing well.

Tomato seedlings

My little old girl.  She'll be 18 this fall.

Brown tabby cat

I cannot resist the pansies when they first show up at the garden centers! 

Bright magenta pansies

I realize there are a lot of plant photos in this post, but I think I'm finally ready for spring, and I'm so glad it's on its way. Even all the rain hasn't been bothering me... I know sunny days and short sleeves are around the corner. Happy Friday, everyone!

Instagram Round-up: Tucson

A few photo friends and I decided to meet in Tucson a couple weeks ago to talk shop, pick each other's brains, share new work, meet up with our photo mentor, and attend photographer Masao Yamamoto's lecture and exhibition opening at the Etherton Gallery. (And also do whatever else we felt like doing.) We created our own conference, and are already thinking about next year's plans to meet up again (all photo friends are invited!)  It was truly an inspiring week. Here is my short collection of Instagram images from the trip:

Our Lady of the Pinecones

Our Lady of the Pinecones.  This little backyard shrine was tucked into an alcove at our Airbnb. She wound up meaning a lot to me, coming to represent the guardian of all the new ideas and plans for my art projects that surfaced during this trip. I don't have to worry about a thing, because Our Lady's got my back. 

Fox on the mantel

This little guy was the first thing I noticed when I walked into the living room of our Airbnb.  He is the CUTEST.  

Backyard planter

Backyard greenery.  I loved this.  It took us forever to figure out that the building behind this planter was a garage.  We thought it was the host's house because it looked too pretty to be a garage, so we were extra quiet and didn't walk around the yard.  The house manual kept mentioning a garage though, and finally we went looking for it, only to discover that it was staring right at us the entire time.  Lol!

Swan's house

Swan's house.  Four years ago I took a photograph of this tree.  I thought I should take one this time too.  I loved spending the morning on Swan's back porch, soaking up all I learned during my photo consult and waiting for Elizabeth to finish hers.  (While eating delicious, fresh-out-of-the-oven vanilla poppyseed pound cake.) (And helping Catherine un-stick a cholla from her finger.  Those things are crazy!)

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear cactus, photographed on the drive up to Phoenix.  We chose to go the long way that wasn't a highway, so that we could stop if we saw something interesting.  There wasn't all that much time in between leaving Tucson sprawl and entering Phoenix sprawl.  But oh well.

Tanoue Shinya 

We visited the Phoenix Art Museum, and got through it in a bit of a hurry as we were going to meet another friend of mine for lunch.  Even in a hurry, though, there is always something that makes you stop and really look.  I loved this sculpture by Tanoue Shinya. It reminds me of waves on a deserted island that's the texture of maple tree helicopter seeds.

Cornelia Parker,  Mass (Colder Darker Matter)

I'm always drawn to big installation pieces, even if I don't understand what they're necessarily about. Things hanging from the ceiling, something that takes up an entire room, maybe video and sound and three-dimensional objects all combined into an experience.  This one was very straightforward and so beautiful: Mass (Colder Darker Matter) by Cornelia Parker. These were the charred remains of a church that was struck by lightning.  It even looks like it's in the middle of exploding. Mass. Science and religion in the same word.


The Lisa Sette Gallery.  After lunch in Phoenix, we popped in to see what exhibits were up and chat with Lisa a bit.  Of course, what do I photograph... ?  the doorway on the way out.

Orange patio table and chairs

Patio chairs and table at the Airbnb. This was my favorite place to sit.  Sunshine-y but shady, and big enough for us all to share our projects, drink tea (or Woodford, depending on when you stop by), and cheer each other on to do all the good work we want to do this year.

Kitt Peak

Kitt Peak, looking out from my favorite cliff.  I hemmed and hawed about whether to drive all the way out there or not, but after taking Elizabeth to the airport I just couldn't NOT turn west instead of north.  I hope it's in the cards this year to go back and stay for more than a couple hours.

Thank you, Tucson.  You never fail to deliver just the right mix of art, outdoors, great company, and a kick in the pants to get my work done!