Up in the air.

Haven't posted flying news in a while and thought it was time! First off, I soloed in the Champ last summer and celebrated with red velvet cupcakes...


Then in November it was planning and flying a dual cross-country, basically using a chart and compass and the scenery outside the window. Flew to Tiffin, Wyandaot County, and the little grass strip in Ada...


Over the winter I studied like crazy and took the written part of my flying exam a couple weeks ago. Back in the day, John had gotten a 100 on his, and so did Gary, so how could I settle for anything less? Once in the testing room, I got nervous and completely forgot how to use my plotter. Bizarre! So I saved those questions for last and re-taught myself how to use it: Ummm, if east is 090... where does this piece of plastic go?


Now all I have to do to 'finish' my training and get my license is to learn how to fly a new airplane - one with lights and navigational equipment, a yoke instead of a stick (how do you steer this crazy thing?!), more dials and buttons and generally more things to remember. Sorta feels like starting from scratch again though, which is a bit discouraging, especially with dwindling funds (trade photography for time in a 172 anyone?) and summer scheduling conflicts . It's easy to understand why so many people who start flight training wind up letting it go - sometimes it seems SO uphill. But when I look at these photos I realize how far I've gotten already, even if it's taken me longer than I wanted it to. I also think of fellow student pilots who might be having a tough time with their training and I want to hang in there for all of us! Way to go, team!