2016: This Year I...

Whenever I go through photos from the previous year it always makes me realize how much has happened.  Places I've travelled, people I've met, things I learned.  2016 was an amazing year for all kinds of reasons, and I thought I'd put a few of them here.  So, in 2016 I...

... Became part owner of the plane I learned to fly in.  Now to re-learn how to fly it!

... Bought an amazingly beautiful Ohana tenor ukulele and am learning how to play.  I'm not too shabby.

Ohana tenor ukulele

... Planted my first real garden. Some things turned out well, others not so much.  Fresh herbs were my favorite!

... Started learning how to sew (with "help" from Sherman).  I remember shopping with my Mom when she bought this sewing machine as a Christmas gift for herself.  Makes it extra special now that it's mine.

Sherman and my Singer

... Travelled to a country I'd never been to before.  Iceland had almost every imaginable landscape, all squished on one tiny island.  My three goals when we were there?  Climb a mountain, soak in hot springs, and see daylight at midnight. Mission accomplished!

... Took some trips closer to home (Tucson, Austin, New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Portland, Missoula, Salt Lake City & points south), including more than one visit to one of my favorite places on the planet: Grand Central Station.  I always feel like I've stepped into the movie Hugo when I'm there.

Grand Central Station

... Tagged along with this handsome guy to a few cities I might never have visited otherwise.

John, my Delta pilot

... Had a respectable number of adventures in the Starfighter, including my first real trip to Cleveland.

... Spent time on my favorite mountain.  If, when I die, I get to choose where I'd like my spirit to live for all eternity, it would be right here.  The southwest ridge of Kitt Peak in Arizona.

Kitt Peak

... Learned how to make sun prints.  I think almost everyone I know has made sun prints but me.  No longer!  Yes that's a frying pan.  (Gotta make do with available supplies.)

Making sun prints

... Had some wacky good times with my favorite bird.  I can't imagine going on a road trip without him.

Valentine the parrotlet

Went for a few joyrides in Zelda, the powder-blue Mustang that my parents bought in 1967 and that my brother & his friend have been restoring.  This car brought each of us home from the hospital after we were born.  (And impressed quite a few of my dates in high school.)

My brother and I in the Mustang

... Slept on the patio of my parents' house for the last time.

Empty house

... Made a pilgrimage to Vermont to scatter my parents' ashes with my brother.

Joe's Brook, Vermont
Scattering ashes

... Worked like mad on the new edit of my Flying Adventures book while visiting a dear friend.

... Gave my first public book reading and art talk!  Thank you, Snow College!

... Met long-lost relatives and visited with so many good friends, including ones I hadn't seen in ages.  I even spent time with my pen-friend and his airplane that made me want to learn to fly.

... Made a snowman for the first time in forever -- Columbus does NOT get enough snow, imho -- and made him big enough to hug.

My snowman

... Started blogging so I could keep track of it all and share it with you :-)

Stories are sweet