Photo-an-hour: birthday!

Ummm, when was the last time I did a photo-an-hour post? August I think. Yikes, time flies! I thought it might be fun to keep track of my birthday hours this year, so here goes...

Okay it's aaaalmost my birthday...

Alarm clock

10am - Slept in and then spent the morning in bed with books and friends.

Reading a book

11am - Still lounging. 

Tiger cat

12pm - Drove up to Worthington to my favorite sewing shop, Sew to Speak.  They were celebrating their 9th birthday!   (Those balloon letters say "sew" but it was windy, so you can't really tell.)

1pm - Still looking at fabrics.  I already bought a couple yards of the second one from the left (the blue/red/white floral).  It's my plan to make a little 60's a-line dress out of it.  I was tempted to get some of the one just to the right of it -- there are unicorns on there! -- but I tried to remember the giant pile of fabric sitting on my sewing table and just took a photo instead :-/  

Cotton & Steel fabrics

2pm - Came home to find a surprise birthday card from my friend Louise!  Thanks, Louise!!

Birthday card

3pm - While I managed to get out of Sew to Speak without purchasing ANY new fabric (whew!), being there inspired me to do some more work on fitting the muslin for the dress I'm working on.  

Sewing my muslin

4pm - Watering my tomato seedlings with my Mom's old water sprinkle bottle she used to use for ironing.  I love that my brother and I have all these old things from my Mom and Dad that we now use in our own houses.  

Orange cat with tomato seedlings

5pm - Drove to Springfield to hang out with friends for the evening and I was hoooooping the taco truck would be open so that I could have my favorite potato-cheese quesadilla.

Taco truck

Yes it was!!!

Taco truck

6pm - My friends, Vicki & Tom & their daughter, Dina, just got home from a trip to Morocco and came back with a new pastime: drinking very sweet peppermint tea made and served in the beautiful tea set they bought over there.  

Moroccan tea set
Moroccan tea cups

7pm - Off to the dance party!  Dina's dance studio was having a fundraiser and, well, you know me and dancing.  Particularly at low-key, non-night-club establishments.

Dance party sign

8pm - I put all my raffle tickets in #8 (my birthday is on the 8th) but still didn't win the wine and truffle basket even after they pulled five names out of the bag!!  I am convinced it's because I'll need that luck for something better soon.

Raffle tickets

9pm - Prince was our chaperone.  Gotta love that.


10pm - Finally called it a night after three hours of dancing.  I loved every minute.  I think I was the only person there who could sing all the words to "Ice Ice Baby." (Although I probably shouldn't admit that.)

Dance cookies

Afterwards, we walked over to Mother Stewart's, Springfield's new brewery & night spot.  They were having some big event with a lot of different bands making music and artists showing work.  They've got a bocce court!

Dina & Vicki

I bought this cup from one of the artists as a little birthday-present-to-me.  It's kind of teacup-sized, only without a handle.  I love it!  

Ceramic cup

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to show you my birthday present slippers that Vicki & Tom got in Morocco... they're me, don't you think?

Purple Moroccan slippers

I loved my birthday!  John was traveling and with all the snafus Delta was having with the weather that day, I couldn't get out of Columbus to see him. But the day turned out to be so much fun...  reading, sewing, lolling around, dancing, friends!  I actually forgot I was a year older ;-)